We wish to cherish and honour the Truth-seekers and those whose own life journeys have taken them deep into reflecting on this profound topic.


Our objective is to encourage writers of all kinds, be it book authors and bloggers who write honestly and from there to transform these truth-inspired written works into real-world ventures.


Tahira Amir Sultan Khan

Founder, CEO

Tahira is a technologist, futurist, author, poet, motivational speaker and champion for change. In Jan 2016, she released her bestselling book 'Through The Golden Door : The Doorway to Our Advancement', which revealed the "Golden Door of Truth" as it interleaved over 9 disciplines from philosophy, symbolism, biology, geometry and more through a journey of discovery.


Passionate to deliver her message, she has spoken alongside Speaker Hall of Fame, the legendary Jim Cathcart, world renown Spiritualist BK Shivani Verma, Bestselling Author & Inspirational Orator Jeroninio Almeida.


Prior to that, she spent 20 years in technology with IBM, Digital Equipment, and co-founded technology company headquartered out of Singapore with offices in Dubai and India, and projects in over 22 cities across Asia and the Middle East. In 2013, She was appointed to be the first female President of Mobile Alliance (an initiative of IE Singapore to transform Singapore into a mobile innovation hub for Asia).


Tahira masterfully blended her technology background with the literary to create the visionary initiative, Truth movement and platform for the Truth-writers, Golden Door. Recognised as a Truth-writer and Truth-creator, she is a recipient of the REX Karmaveer Chakra Award instituted by iCONGO and the UN (2019) and the Lady of Excellence Award (2016). In 2017, she was appointed to be the Singapore Ambassador for Unity-in-Diversity of the Global Dialogue Foundation (in collaboration with the United Nations of Civilizations).


View Tahira's Linkedin profile.

Dr Kirpal Singh

Chief Judge, Literarist

Poet, literary and cultural critic, as well as university lecturer, Kirpal is a powerful voice in Singapore’s creative and literary circles. He is the author of ‘Thinking Hats and Coloured Turbans: Creativity across cultures’.


For over 20 years he taught Literature at the National University of Singapore and at the Nanyang Technological University, before being asked to join the Singapore Management University where he taught Creative Thinking. He has recently retired from his position as Associate Professor at the university.


A formidable presence in the local literary scene since the 1970s, Singh has written and published several collections of poetry and books and articles on creative thinking. He also has the distinction of being the first Asian director of the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize in 1993 and 1994.


Joanne Flinn

Lead Judge, TEDx Speaker, Bestselling Author

Two time TEDx speaker, Joanne has spoken for numerous associations including Asian Banker, corporations like Bank Julius Bär, Calvin Klein and KPMG and with personal development leaders Anthony Robbins and Success Resources.


She is the author and editor of five books on business, digital and human change, including 'The Success Healthcheck' (Wiley 2010) and editor of 'New Eyes ~ the Human Side of Change Leadership' (2013). Her latest two books, 'KARMA in Action ~ How to Use Karma and Kindness to Grow Your Business' and 'KARMA – How to Stay Calm and Productive through Coronavirus to the Recovery' were published in early 2020. 


"The future will be defined by the intersection of logic and creativity, by our rationality and our Humanity" ~ Joanne Flinn


This is where successful leaders, businesses and industries with thrive. In time of disruption and digitalisation, new paths to decision making and success are required.


Joanne held senior roles with PricewaterhouseCoopers and DBS, a leading Asian bank and co-founded the Change Leaders at the University of Oxford and HÈC Paris in 2004. As an international artist, her work under the name, Booth Aster, is in collections in five countries and exhibited in numerous museums.


Web : Jflinn.com

Rob Salisbury CSP BCom

Judge, Writer & Speaker

As a writer and speaker, Rob has been involved with 18 books, numerous audio programs, DVDs and chaired over a dozen collaboration e books with hundreds of writers.


His articles on promotion, marketing, sales, teamwork, event hosting and global travel have featured in USA magazines, the Australian Business Review, MICE Australia, MICE Asia, Singapore Straits Times, Contact Singapore and Executive PA. His story, 'A Mothers Love' was published by Penguin Australia in a book entitled "There's More to life than Sex and Money" with over 100,000 copies sold in the late 1990's.


As a two year state President of the Professional Speakers Association of Australia and five year National Board Member overseeing over 290 members across Sydney, Parramatta, Newcastle and Canberra, Rob was involved with over 130 PSA competency events to up skill members. As a professional speaker, L & D skills trainer, awards mc and panel host, he's been hired over 2350 times in 25 + countries to bolster team moral, keep events on time and increase client results.


Web : StrategicResources.com.au

Jeroninio Almeida

Golden Door - REX Karmaveer Truth-writer Fellowship & Chakra Awards Judge, Founder of the REX Karmaveer

After reading the Karma Kurry manuscript Nelson Mandela wrote to Jerry “Karma Kurry stories have the power to inspire people to rise and act, to make a difference”. Jerry’s life mission is to discover and mainstream REAL, UNSUNG AND UNCOMMON HEROES to inspire and encourage all human beings to discover and unleash the hero within.


Inspired by Dashrath Manjhi - the mountain man (made into a movie by Ketan Mehta in 2015), Jerry embarked on the journey to encourage people to understand their heroic potential by creating and launching "The Joy of Giving" movement in 2003, instituting the Karmaveer Puraskaar awards in 2005, co-creating the Karmaveer Chakra awards in partnership with the UN in 2008 and in 2010 Jerry began his ride as an author writing books to tell true stories of real heroes and take them to the world.

Jerry is Asia’s highest paid author and inspirational storyteller/orator signed Asia’s biggest publishing deal for 120 million INR (12 Crores) with 10 Karma Kurry – The hero in me books and contributed the entire amount to support social cause. Mode, an international business and lifestyle magazine, profiled Jerry in the 10 most influential authors in the world.


Web : REXIdeas.com

Melanie Falvey

Interviewer, Founder of Expert Channel TV

Melanie Falvey is a Visibility Strategist, a Video confidence coach, creator of the Videos that Sell System and the Strategic Visibility System.

She is an award-winning designer,  Founder of Expert Channel TV and Editor of Movers&Shakers Magazine, Author and speaker.


Her Mission is to help people to unleash their potential whether that is through the best visibility strategies so they can become international leaders making a bigger impact or whether that is unleashing the leader within, as through her awarded framework for #WomenPowerSpain.

Her own story serves as the framework for much of the work she does. Going from an extreme  shyness to a confident communicator who is on a mission to shine a light on other people's achievements and inspirational journeys.


Web : ExpertChannel.TV

Andrew Chua

ADVISOR, Founder of Authentic Business Group CIC

He is passionate about human flourishing and growth. Over a career spanning thirty years he has been a keen student of change and renewal, seeking to understand the processes needed to achieve deep rooted and lasting transformation.


Andrew has more than 20 years managerial experience working for a global  financial”institution, designed and launched a global personal development programme started a social  enterprise to facilitate organisational transformation and now spends part of his time as a Senior Affiliate shaping purpose<led  transformation at Aberkyn, the wholly owned leadership development arm of McKinsey & Co.


He developed and launched the Authentic Lives workshop, which enables people to discover their identity and life purpose. This has now been implemented in over 15 countries.


He holds a First Class undergraduate degree in History and Modern Languages from Oxford University and recently completed graduate studies in Theology at the University of Chester.


Web :AuthenticBusiness.Solutions and AuthenticLives.org

Riah Abu El-Assal

ADVISOR, Bishop of Palestine & Bestselling Author

Riah Abu El-Assal, refugee, father, husband, politician, deacon, priest, archdeacon, canon, ecumenist, inter-faith activist and 13th Anglican Bishop of the Diocese of Jerusalem and the Middle East.


Bishop Riah served in different capacities : e WCC Commission on Human Rights;  Co-Chair of  the World council For Religious Leaders; Co-  Founder of the Nazareth Democratic  Front, Secretary General of the Progressive Movement and many more historic roles and responsibilities have been fulfilled by him for World Peace. 


His constant search for new avenues for peace was exemplified in his visit to Chairman Yasser Arafat in Tunis, where he convinced him to bring six Israeli Jewish and six Palestinian musicians together for promoting oneness and peace. 

Prajna Murdaya

ADVISOR, Founder of Constellation

Prajna is from the second generation of the family-owning business Central Cipta Murdaya (CCM) Group of Companies, involved in real estate, IT, timber, plantations, consumer goods and engineering. 


The company’s real estate portfolio include shopping centers, office buildings, hotels and the Jakarta International Expo Center. As Director of the Expo, Prajna is in-charge of the operations and programming of Indonesia’s largest exhibition hall.


In addition, Prajna is Managing Director of Berca Sportindo (League), the premier Indonesian sportswear brand. In 2015, Prajna founded Shoemaker Studios, one of the leading music recording studios in the country.


Prajna is a graduate of Electrical Engineering and Industrial Engineering from Stanford University and a former member of Stanford Fleet Street Singers.

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