Golden Door Awards 2020

Golden Door Main Award Winners

We have writers from different vocations : Public Speakers, Musicians, Master Chefs, Journalists, Spiritualists, Medical Professionals, Students, Educationists, Business and Financial Experts, Activists and more.


There are no 1st Place award recipients for any of the categories.  

There is no 3rd place award recipient for the Poetry Category.


The decision made and results announced by the Panel of Judges on the 5th of September 2020 was final.

Angie Makwetla

2nd Place (Silver - Shared), Non-fiction Book Category

Angie Makwetla is a South African Human Rights Commissioner for Child Rights & Migration and qualified as an Empowerment Workshop Facilitator (The Empowerment Institute, USA). Education : BA Social Work (University of the North), Management Certificate (Arthur D Little Management School, Masachussets, USA) and a SMME Management Certificate (Galilee College, Israel).

Eirliani Abdul Rahman

2nd Place (Silver - Shared), Non-fiction Book Category

Eirliani worked for Nobel laureate Kailash Satyarthi and is Executive Director of YAKIN. Winner of the 2015 BMW Foundation Responsible Leaders Award, she will be skiing to the North Pole to highlight child sexual abuse. A former diplomat, Eirliani holds a Masters from the LSE.

Tallulah D'Silva

2nd Place (Silver - Shared),

Essay / Blog Category

Tallulah is an architect who cares deeply for the environment. She is an educationist who places great emphasis on 'outdoor learning'. An avid traveller, explorer and keen observer of life, er musings find expression in words and pictures on her blogs and a monthly newspaper column that she writes.

Roshani Shenazz

2nd Place (Silver - Shared),

Essay / Blog Category

Roshani is an eminent Spiritual Medium, Humanitarian, Holistic Healing Therapist & Training Provider (I.P.H.M., UK accredited). She is a Happiness Mentor, Speaker, Author of bestselling book 'Angels Speak', Recipient of the UN / iCONGO REX Karmaveer Puraskaar JYOTI Award 2019. She travels globally to spread happiness, love, healing, guidance and transformation.

Christine Levar Amour

3rd Place (Bronze), Essay / Blog Category

Christine is a French-Swiss-Filipina Philanthropist, Adventurer, Entrepreneur and Author. A passionate advocate of women's leadership and empowerment, she co-founded Women on a Mission and founded HER Planet Earth - two award-winning, not-for-profit organisations - to take all-female teams on pioneering expeditions as a way to support worthy causes.

Mystqx Skye

2nd Place (Silver), Poetry Category

Born in the spirit of "The Archer", a life traveller and truth seeker – she loves to write about life in all its hues; hoping that one could find inspiration and courage through her writings. Mystqx Skye is a Zurich-based writer who authored: Bared - Beneath a Myriad of Skies.

Jeremy Monteiro

3rd Place (Bronze), Non-fiction Book Category

“Singapore’s King of Swing” and Author, Jeremy Monteiro has garnered critical acclaim worldwide as a professional jazz pianist with more than 40 albums to his name. Jeremy is a Global Arts Ambassador for EFG Bank. In 2002, he received the highest honour in the Arts in Singapore, the Cultural Medallion.

Commendation Recipients

Nasreen Variyawa, South Africa, Turkey. Non-fiction Essay/Blog Category


Author and Coach, Nasreen has written 3 best-sellers. An editor and ghost-author too, she is the creative force behind other best-sellers, too. A motivational speaker known to elevate audiences, she specializes in using poetry during her delivery, in her narratives, blogs and even quotes.

Kon Hui Quek, Singapore. Non-fiction Essay/Blog Category


Kon is a partner at a real estate private equity firm. He has a Masters in Finance from New York University and is a Sloan Fellow (MSx) of Stanfords Graduate School of Business. Outside of work, his time is dedicated to the art of Jiu-Jitsu. He has represented Singapore in the sport.

Natalie Turner, UK, Malaysia. Non-fiction Book Category


Author, Speaker, Inventor of the Six 'I's ®, a methodology and profiling instrument that enables individuals and organisations to generate new ideas and bring them to life, Natalie is a change maker and catalyst who inspires courageous action to create purpose driven innovations that will change the world for the better.

Rusty Labuschagne, South Africa, Zimbabwe. Non-fiction Book Category


Without a body, Rusty was wrongly convicted of drowning a fish poacher and spent ten harrowing years under horrendous conditions in Zimbabwe’s prisons during Mugabe’s rule. His faith in GOD, positive mental attitude, lessons in forgiveness, gratitude and humility bring a personal, transformative and authentic message of hope and freedom.

Kristen Daria Zuriel, Singapore. Non-fiction Essay/Blog Category.


Kristen has travelled extensively. She believes that people everywhere have the same issues & made it her call to lift up their lives. She conquers forgotten grounds, & would quench a thirsting addict as much as have sit-downs with the mafia. Other roles she holds- Consultant, Lecturer, Motivational Speaker, Voiceover Artiste.

Mzwandile Paul, South Africa. Poetry Category.


Mzwandile is an independently published author, poet and journalism student from South Africa.

He is an author of the year award winner of 2019 Poetry Award.

Through his great work, he has opened a poetry group in Zimbabwe to help those with love for poetry.

Kevin Cottam, Singapore, Canada. Non-Fiction Book Category.


Kevin, Canadian, Professional Keynote Speaker, Executive coach and Author of two books, The Nomadic Mindset: Never Settle for Too Long and Aha, Mother’s Pearls lives globally. He leverages his nomadic research and former life as choreographer and director to World and Olympic figure skating champions to inspire organisations to think expansively.

Otto Weibel & Felicia, Singapore. Non-Fiction Book Category.


Chef extraordinaire, 73-year-old Otto is the Chef at Black Marble, Director of Kitchens (Westin Hotels, 1986-2010), member of Chaîne des Rôtisseurs since 1978, Bocuse d'Or, President of the Singapore Chefs Association (1990- 2005), and Chief Judge at regional & international culinary competitions for the past 40 years. Personality and Lifetime Award Recipient, International Chef Conference (Switzerland, 2008).

Prasenjit K Basu, India, Non-Fiction Book Category.


Chief-Asia-Economist, Daiwa Securities, Chief-Economist (SE Asia & India), Credit Suisse First Boston. Senior research roles : Maybank, Macquarie Securities, Khanazah Nasional, UBS, Wharton Econometrics. Commentary Writer : NYT, FT, India Today, The Edge. Expert appearances on BBC, CNN, CNBC, CNA, TimesNow. Author of “Asia Reborn” - Best First Book award (non-fiction, Mumbai Literary Festival, Nov 2018).

The Golden Door initiative is exceptional and relevant today in a world ridden with fallacy. 


The fact that the Founder carried it through its fruition is commendable. It marks the birth of a new world order that builds others with its strength, with opportunities of collaboration and an umbrella of empathy and truth as its foundational value.

Tallulah D'Silva, India

Golden Door Essay /. Blog Award (Silver - Shared)

In just a couple of years and over one long weekend, the Golden Door has established itself as one such safe-harbour and a base for truth-tellers and warriors of light to congregate, share information and continue our work to change the world into a better place.

Jeremy Monteiro, Singapore

Golden Door Book Award (Bronze)

The highlight in the Golden Door was the joining of forces of powerful TruthCreators, Truth Advocates and Truthseekers all in one platform


The synergy between the participants, the audience and the speakers created an amazing experience for all. It empowered everyone to use their voice to raise positive awareness and save humanity by actively pursuing the truth.

Mystqx Skye, Switzerland, Philippines

Golden Door Poetry Award (Silver)

A wonderful and deeply meaningful experience. This movement encouraging truth and integrity of the written word has the potential to impact the world in an immensely positive way, by shining a light on important issues and truths, while also encouraging us to join forces and focus - not on our differences - but on our shared humanity. 


There is still so much inequality and injustice in the world today, and those of us who have a voice have a responsibility to write and speak up for those who cannot. This is why it was my absolute honour to be one of the Winners of the Golden Door Awards. 

Christine Amour Levar, Singapore

Golden Door Blog/Essay Award (Bronze)

The Golden Door has some extraordinary global minds who shared pure and holistic food for the soul through all the sessions. Kudos to Tahira and the Executive Committee for meticulous planning and seamless coordination with a great support system.


I feel blessed and privileged as one of the Winning Authors to be a part of a global family that focuses to perpetuate and propel Truth in our World.

Roshani Shenazz, India

Golden Door Blog/Essay Award (Silver - Shared)

Eirliani Abdul Rahman, Singapore

Golden Door Book Award (Silver - Shared)

Roshani Shenazz, India

Golden Door Blog/Essay Award (Silver - Shared)

Angie Makwetla, South Africa

Golden Door Book Award (Silver - Shared)

Jeremy Monteiro, Singapore

Golden Door Book Award (Bronze)

Christine Amour-Levar, Singapore

Golden Door Blog/Essay Award (Bronze)

Mystqx Skye, Switzerland, Philippines

Golden Door Poetry Award (Silver)

Tallulah D'Silva, India

Golden Door Book Award (Silver - Shared)