Discovery of the Golden Door of Truth

How it led to the establishment of the World's First Awards for Truth & Integrity of the Written Word. (Market Insider, AsiaOne & HRM Asia ~ 20th Feb 2020)

"Tahira is a visionary. I support the Golden Door and wish it success."

Tommy Koh, Diplomat Par Excellence & Ambassador-of-Large at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Singapore. Past Chair of the National Arts Council.

The Message

“What are your thoughts about an initiative that recognizes and rewards those who write based on truth and integrity? Do you think it will be well-received at this time?” I asked gently.


To my surprise, my late father replied with a forlorn look on his face, “Too clean for this world, but do it anyway.” 


~ An abstract from the upcoming book "Golden Truths - Truth is Unifying". The Main Author is Tahira Amir Sultan Khan, Founder of Golden Door, along with 25 Contributing Authors. 

A pivotal message she received in December 2019, at the time of her father's last days. When the  Covid-19 Pandemic hit leading to the Global Lockdowns from end January 2020, she realised how important it was to embrace the discomfort and the obstacles faced and ensure that Golden Door - Truth & Integrity of the Written Word was launched successfully. 


There is so much that is written, and there is so much that is spoken, be it on digital or print published material, social media and more. The exponential proliferation of text is a sign that each of us is left to search for the fragments of truth (or more often than not, mindless entertainment) in our frantic, scattered regimen of reading each year. Misinformation is stealing the trust that was originally there. The trust lost in the information that we read, leading to the trust lost with experts and authorities. Ultimately, trust lost in the common man.


And through this pursuit for Written Truth, Tahira partnered with Dr Kirpal Singh, who willingly step in to the support this important initiative. He is Singapore's renown literary and cultural critic who chairs the Golden Door Judging Panel. The Judging Panel comprise of a distinguished group of internationally acclaimed writers, speakers and academia from the USA, India and Australia.

" 'Too clean for this world, but do it anyway' That was the most important message of my lifetime."

Tahira Amir Sultan Khan

"When people know the Truth, they act with courage. When people share the Truth, cooperation is spontaneous. We are all equal creatures in the eyes of GOD. I am proud to be associated with the Golden Door."

Jim Cathcart was the Golden Door 2020 Guest of Honour. 


Top TEDx Speaker with about 1 Million views, Author of 18 books, Recipient of the Golden Gavel Award, and on the Sales & Marketing Hall of Fame in 2020.

Raising up the Written Truth


We need to recognize and reward the key texts that not only shift away from falsities but also play a part in creating a positive impact by delivering good works. Many of these texts never have the chance to surface to the public due to the lack of the commercial value or marketing know-how, leaving them undiscovered.


As part of this 'age of concentration', we must begin an effort to determine what information is truly essential for us to read and assimilate. We would also need an intellectual harbour that can help prevent us from drowning in all the information.


The Awards and the Medals


In a world where most awards are fixed, need to be lobbied for and where most awards are marketing campaigns, it was decided to institute awards that would be given to people based solely on the credibility of their work.


For the main awards, there are 3 categories : the Golden Door Non-Fiction Book AwardGolden Door Non-Fiction Essay/Blog Award and Golden Door Poem Award. Then, there is the Golden Door - REX Karmaveer Truth-writer Fellowship & Chakra Awards, where a greater emphasis in the judging process is given to Truthteller - Writers who are Change Champions. This medal is empowered by the Karmaveer Chakra instituted by iCONGO in partnership with the United Nations,


Inauguration Date : 5th Sep 2020, 8PM SGT (GMT + 8) in the presence of Guest of Honour, Jim Cathcart and His Grace, Bishop Riah of Nazareth.

The Golden Door is creating a platform for the Truth-Seekers and Truth-Writers to turn into Truth-Creators for profound impact on the world.


New York Chronicle 

2nd Sep 2020

What people say

Words of Movers and Shakers from across the World.

Mano Sabnani

Singapore's Newsroom Veteran, Investor and Author

"This is a worthwhile project and I laud Tahira for taking the lead. Misinformation is a plague and it is causing people to be confused about what to read and whether to believe it."

Mukul Deva

International Bestselling Author of the LASHKAR and the RAVINDER GILL series

"The Golden Door is a laudable cause, and can inspire writers to leverage the power of the pen to positively shape the minds of future generations."

Jeroninio (Jerry) Almieda

Bestselling Author, Inspirational Orator/Storyteller, Leadership/Life Coach, Missionary Entrepreneur, Mentor, Crusader, Champion Of Change, Just Another Volunteer and Architect of global movements like The Joy Of Giving, RIGHT every WRONG, REX, Karmaveer Awards, Swachh Bharat Mission and others.

"In modern times most governments, businesses and organisation do everything wrong against people and planet and then hire perception management agencies to whitewash their sins and project a holier than thou image.


Today with fake news and corrupt journalism the 4th estate has mostly become the mouthpiece for people in government and business who are doing wrong. The only way to counter this is to bring together people who stand up and speak out for truth, no matter what the personal consequences could be. We have to bring these writers and journalists together and felicitate them for Writing against wrongs to RIGHT every WRONG.


It is said that in a world filled with deafening silence, one word of truth sounds like the firing of a cannonball. Many people are needed to speak one word of truth that could shake the foundations of governments and businesses that thrive on lies.


This mission of the Golden Door is very applaudable and hence we at the REX Karmaveer Global Fellowship and Karmaveer Chakra Awards have associated with Tahira Amir Sultan Khan, the Founder and with this initiative."

Sagar S J B Rana

Author, Past member of the Nepali Congress party & current Vice President of Nepal Art Council, Sagar was born in February 1938 in Baber Mahal palace, Kathmandu and holds an MA in Jurisprudence from University of Oxford.

"In an age when reason is clouded by misinformation and disinformation, the initiative of Tahira and the GOLDEN DOOR for recognizing honest and balanced literature should be supported by all those who value such ethics."

Karen Leong

Women Icons Award Winner & one of Singapore’s Ten Influential Professional speakers by the Singapore Business review

"The Golden Door serves as a powerful beacon of light on our shared humanity, and the importance of upholding the Truth."

Cathy Johnson

Cathy is an Inspirational Speaker, ICF-Certified Professional Coach, Mentor, Mediator, Professional Facilitator, President of Asia Professional Speakers Singapore

"Tahira’s vision of using the Golden Door to support and inspire writers focused on honesty and integrity is such a praiseworthy one – fully worthy of our support.


In a world seemingly unable at times to note the difference between truth and falsehood, where lies and “alternate truths” are unashamedly put forward, this initiative is a needed boost for greater courage to speak honestly.


The mission of the Golden Door is on raising awareness and raising the bar – so the world becomes more respectful, aware and truthful. Problems don’t get solved when lies surround them, people don’t get treated with respect in a sea of untruths, and society cannot move forward when it can’t see what is real and not real.


This cause has the potential to impact millions in the world as writers are rewarded for doing what’s right for the world. It’s an honor to be even a small part of this initiative, and I look forward to seeing the openness this creates for all."