In an age when reason is clouded by misinformation and disinformation, the Golden Door for recognizing honest and balanced literature should be supported by all those who value such ethics.” 

Sagar S J B Rana​, Author & Past Member of the Nepali Congress Party and current VP of Nepal Art Council.

Doors have been opened for my message and my writings.

The Golden Door helped me step into public speaking through TV interviews, panels and talkshows, expanding my reach internationally.


It is a platform for truth tellers & seekers from around the world to share their gifts. I feel blessed and honoured to be involved, and I see a bright future, as I think this platform is going to be a leader in positive world change.

Tony Knight, New Zealand

Golden Door - RKGF Medal (Silver)

This award will help my book "Yes, You Can Innovate" to reach out and inspire more people to create impact from new ideas.


I would like to thank Tahira Amir Sultan Khan for turning the key of The Golden Door and unleashing such a worthwhile initiative into the world.

Natalie Turner, Malaysia, UK

Golden Door - RKGF Medal (Bronze)

The highlight in the Golden Door was the joining of forces of powerful TruthCreators, Truth Advocates and Truthseekers all in one platform.


The synergy between the participants, the audience and the speakers created an amazing experience for all. It empowered everyone to use their voice to raise positive awareness and save humanity by actively pursuing the truth.


Mystqx Skye, Switzerland, Philippines

Golden Door Poetry Award (Silver)

The fact that there is magic everywhere was being gilded on this platform. I would define magic as variance of truths, & that definition of truth was challenged with each truth advocate’s personal revelation of it.

Kristen Daria Zuriel, Singapore

Top 20, Commendation Recipient

The timing of the superb Golden Door to expose endless hidden truths, by brilliant authors and speakers, was perfect.


This troubled world is desperate for such platforms. We have grown exponentially during the training, and I pray that this is the foundation of a great future in exposing truths.

Rusty Labuschagne, South Africa, Zimbabwe

Golden Door - RKGF Medal (Bronze)

Thank you so much for the initiative. I am really blessed by it. I finally found a group of passionate truth writers that I can relate to.


The Awards have certainly been enriching, exciting and endearing. The talks, discussion and debates are all powerful and meaningful. 

Dr Henry Toi, Singapore

Golden Door - RKGF Medal (Bronze)

"I am proud to be associated with the Golden Door."

Jim Cathcart was the Golden Door 2020 Guest of Honour. 


Top TEDx Speaker with about 1 Million views, Author of 18 books, Recipient of the Golden Gavel Award, and on the Sales & Marketing Hall of Fame in 2020.

A wonderful and deeply meaningful experience. This movement encouraging truth and integrity of the written word has the potential to impact the world in an immensely positive way, by shining a light on important issues and truths, while also encouraging us to join forces and focus - not on our differences - but on our shared humanity. 


There is still so much inequality and injustice in the world today, and those of us who have a voice have a responsibility to write and speak up for those who cannot. This is why it was my absolute honour to be one of the Winners of the Golden Door Awards. 

Christine Amour Levar, Singapore

Golden Door Blog/Essay Award (Bronze)

The Golden Door has some extraordinary global minds who shared pure and holistic food for the soul through all the sessions. Kudos to Tahira and the Executive Committee for meticulous planning and seamless coordination with a great support system.


I feel blessed and privileged as one of the Winning Authors to be a part of a global family that focuses to perpetuate and propel Truth in our World.

Roshani Shenazz, India

Golden Door Blog/Essay Award (Silver)

We were truly honoured to be counted as part of this inaugural event that has gathered stellar individuals who embody their truths in so many ways. To be counted among the top 20 nominees is a deep honour and a truly humbling one as well.


The Golden Door is a beautiful platform for allowing people seeking for truth and shining the truth to interact with and inspire each other. And knowing that there are truth-speakers and truth-warriors out in the world, effecting change, creating ripples of influence through living their truth with integrity — that is the message of light and hope which elevates the soul.

Otto & Felicia, Singapore

Top 20, Commendation Recipients


The Golden Door initiative is exceptional and relevant today in a world ridden with fallacy.


The fact that the Founder carried it through its fruition is commendable. It marks the birth of a new world order that builds others with its strength, with opportunities of collaboration and an umbrella of empathy and truth as its foundational value.

Tallulah D'Silva, India

Golden Door Essay / Blog Award (Silver)

In just a couple of years and over one long weekend, the Golden Door has established itself as one such safe-harbour and a base for truth-tellers and warriors of light to congregate, share information and continue our work to change the world into a better place.


All this was made possible because of the fearless and graceful Founder of the Golden Door Awards, Tahira Amir Sultan Khan.

She and her organisation are now a shining crucible which will act as a centre and a beacon for truth, transformation and action for all of us to help build A beautiful New Earth.

Jeremy Monteiro, Singapore

Golden Door Book Award (Bronze)

It has been an eye opening experience in which I have had the opportunity to review and re-enforce my own convictions that my work and life must continue to embody the truth at all times.


From the very inception of my involvement to the culmination of Golden Door, I have worked and lived consciously by making truth a part of everything so that it has become a way of life. Golden Door has only given me further fuel to invite others to truth, not by preaching it, but by setting an example through my work and life.

Nasreen Variyawa, South Africa, Turkey

Top 20, Commendation Recipient

"Tahira is a visionary. I support the Golden Door and wish it success."

Tommy Koh, Diplomat Par Excellence & Ambassador-of-Large at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Singapore. Past Chair of the National Arts Council.

"A platform that has the potential to impact millions in the world as writers are rewarded for doing what’s right for the world. It’s an honor to be even a small part of this initiative, and I look forward to seeing the openness this creates for all."

Cathy Johnson, An Inspirational Speaker, ICF-Certified Professional Coach, Mentor, Mediator, Professional Facilitator, President of Asia Professional Speakers Singapore