Golden Door Awards 2021

Golden Door Main Award Winners

We have received submissions from writers from across different vocations : Public Speakers, Scientists, Healers, Coaches, Students, Business and Financial Experts, Activists, Artists and more.


There are no 1st Place and 2nd Place award recipients in the Book Category.  

There are no 3rd place award recipients in the Essay/Blog and Poetry Categories. 


The decision made and results announced by the Panel of Judges on the 4th of September 2021 is final. 

Valeria Aloe


1st Place (Gold), Non-fiction Essay/Blog Category

Valeria Aloe is a thought leader and speaker on Hispanic empowerment. An expert on limiting cultural beliefs, and Author of Uncolonized Latinas, Valeria is on a mission to support Latinas to find their voice and build a more equitable collective.


Essay : The contagious awakening of a Latina immigrant in the USA.

Hari Mohan Saxena (India)

1st Place (Gold), Poetry Category

Hari Mohan Saxena is an eminent educationist and distinguished scientist. He served as Professor and Head, GADVASU, Ludhiana, Dean, BASU, Patna and Counsellor (S&T), the Indian Embassy, Russia. He obtained patents and pioneered phagetherapy in Brucellosis.


Poem : The Immune System

Yana Fry (Singapore/Russia)

2nd Place (Silver),

Poetry Category,

Yana Fry is a spiritual anthropologist, global speaker, life coach, group facilitator, and soul activator. She is the founder of "Timeless Teachings" podcast and Awaken Human. Yana teaches wellbeing to a global community from 30+ countries.


Poems : Dear Sisters, etc

Gaby Juergens


2nd Place (Silver), Essay / Blog Category

Gaby Juergens is a Designer with her Homefront Girl® Brand. A Cancer warrior, Gaby has spent the better part of 2021 fighting. She is a senior publicist to Philanthropist Mitzi Purdue, assisting her in the "Win This Fight" campaign to stop Human Trafficking.


Essays : She’s Always Been There, Train Traveller, When The World Turned Pink.

Annette Greenwood


3rd Place (Bronze - Shared), Non-fiction Book Category

With a warm heart, care and compassion Annette works globally empowering women on how to recover from life's personal heartaches and professional setbacks. She is hugely passionate about triumph over adversity and self-belief. 


Book (autobiography) : Imprisoned Heart

Sidra Ansari


3rd Place (Bronze - Shared),

Non-fiction Book Category

A Freelance Writer, Sidra wants to inspire women to be brave enough to start from scratch. Her words, " ... because everything starts with step one. Be smart in your splendor and pride and look after your outer and inner beauty. View challenges as an endless game in life. Do not stop even if you reach your goal." 


Book : Finding Peace Through Prayer and Love: Practical Tips for a Spiritually Fulfilling Life.

Commendation Recipients

(Honorary Mentions)

Lorna Munro, UK, Non-fiction Book Category


Lorna Munro is a Wholistic Wellness therapist known as the Shamanic Synthesist after healing herself from a hopeless place. Her truth is to take charge of one's own health instead of giving it over to others. This, in turn, will create equilibrium within while inspiring others to do the same. She states that harmony is the key to participation.

Her short-listed book Living in 3D : Drinks, Drugs and Denial. 

Richard M Kiernicki, Canada, Non-fiction Book Category


Blessed with an intuition to question everything, after 40 years in the financial industry, uncovering its secrets and lies, Richard introduces "Time Equity" in his book to replace capitalism. This represents his truth as he states there is nothing more valuable than your time.

His short-listed book : The Capitalist’s Worst Nightmare Come True - The Crucifixion of Capital.

Adriana Rozo-Angulo, USA, Non-fiction Book Category


Adriana Rozo-Angulo is a strategist, change agent and the President and co-founder of MAS Connections.  Adriana is an EXMA Speaker, co-author of the books "Today's Inspired Latina" and  "Hispanic Star Rising". 

Her shortlisted book : The Bouyant Business : How Simplicity Can Keep Your Organization Afloat in

Today’s Stormy Economy.

Jillian Moxham, New Zealand, Non-fiction Book Category


Jillian Moxhams irrepressible curiosity and love for life, keeps her driving forward. With relentless determination, she breaks the chains that silence and threaten to destroy her, finding her healing in inner work and writing. She starts her life anew due to courage and a commitment to the truth.

Her short-listed book (memoir): Breaking Links - The True Story of One Woman’s Struggle for Freedom.

Ingela Johansson, Sweden/Singapore, Non-fiction Book Category


Ingela is a Karlstad-based artist, whose research-based artistic practice often responds to site-specific issues with an interest in social history and collective memory. Her interdisciplinary approach combines various aesthetic strategies and media to create an engaging body of work. She is the founder of Zenart and inventor of the process of Creative Meditation.

Her short-listed book : Create to Flow : A Course in Creative Meditation.

Sarifa Alonto Younes, Australia/Philippines, Non-fiction Book Category


Growing up as an orphan with nothing but a dream, Sarifa found studying hard was the way to end her misery. Learning to love her obstacles and turn them into opportunities changed her life forever. Committed her life to empowering others, she is the President and Founder of International Academy of Marawi; CEO & Founder of Arndell Park Early Childhood Learning Centre; Director & Co-Founder of Training College of Australia.

Her short-listed Book : Love Your Obstacles.

Vidhi Mardia, India, Non-fiction Book Category


Vidhi Mardia is a 22-year-old bilingual poet, author, and a firm and an ardent seeker. Her short-listed book, "Successful Failure Not just an Oxymoron" aims to make failure comfortable amongst everyone. A Speaker on various platforms, she is driven towards motivating the youth.

Gladys Mutsopotsi Shumbambiri, Zimbabwe, Africa, Essay/Blog Category


Gladys Mutsopotsi Shumbambiri is the CEO of Intelligent Business Consultancy, an experienced Financial Education , Business Skills and Microfinance Management trainer , consultant  coach and mentor. A radio presenter on women empowerment , economics and Financial Education. 

Her short-listed essay Retrenchment: The Opportunity to Life’s Open Doors.

Yana Fry, Singapore/Russia, Essay/Blog Category


Yana is a popular motivational speaker, an accredited life coach, an experienced group facilitator, and a heart centered mindfulness teacher. She ignites humans’ minds, hearts and spirits. She teaches wellbeing to a global community on social media and organizes deeply transformational retreats.

Her short-listed essay : The Truth of Tantra.

Valeria Aloe, USA

Golden Door Essay/Blog Award (Gold)

Hari Mohan Saxena, India

Golden Door Poetry Award (Gold)

Yana Fry, Singapore/Russia

Golden Door Poetry Award (Silver)

Gaby Juergens, USA

Golden Door Essay / Blog Award (Silver)

Annette Greenwood, UK

Golden Door Book Award (Bronze - Shared)

Sidra Ansari, UK

Golden Door Book Award (Bronze - Shared)

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